“Mad About My Life” was created by two sisters – Lauretta and Madelain. Various circumstances in their lives led them to a place where a need to understand human behaviour allowed them to help many people find their way along the chaotic, sometimes challenging, adventurous path of life through coaching, guidance and support.


Regardless of what has happened in the past, we believe that you don’t have to lead a life of frustration and dissatisfaction. Our lives are constantly changing, presenting new challenges and opportunities.

You are not alone. Mad About My Life offers support, understanding, coaching and guidance because you shouldn’t have to figure it out on your own. We want to give you back the power and be the master in any area of your life, instead of letting your circumstances define you. We believe that with coaching and encouragement, you have the tools to make life work for you instead of allowing it to work against you.

Mad About My Life is a tailored lifestyle and personal development coaching service. We’re here to help others get the most out of life – from the inside out. We believe that each individual has the power to create a meaningful and fulfilling life – based on their own ideals, dreams and desires. We base our coaching on the three pillared lifestyle philosophy: Think, Eat and Move.


because your power lies in your mindset. We coach you to unlock this power which is most vital in your journey forward. Change starts from the inside out. We want to teach you to harness this power to attain your desired change.


because food does indeed support your state of mind. A healthy relationship with food can transform your being on a cellular level while we transform your state of mind.


because physical well-being is essential for mental well-being, Movement powers our brains, minds and souls and connects us to our bodies. We want to teach you to experience this connection.

We have created these programmes based on our own personal experiences and successes within these pillars, and understand that these first steps might be daunting. Our coaching embodies these experiences and your goals, so that we take you to new levels of intrinsic success.

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