Our Partners


Ben Brooks
Personal Trainer

 Ben is our go to guy when it comes to anything #MOVE related.

He established the Brooks movement, offering Personal training services, based in south London and Surrey.

Specialising in movement practise and mobility, Brooks Movement teaches you how to listen to your body, and reduce aches and pains through optimum function and strength development. 




Johnathan Augustyn
personal trainer

If you are based over in South Africa, and in need of a workout restart, then Johnathan is your man. He’s trained  fitness models and mums to be, no one is too much of a challenge for Johnathan.

“Human beings are designed to move in functional ways to optimise our health, a good personal trainer will provide for diversity in training, especially in body weighted, functional movement.” and that is exactly what Johnathan can do, for you.

abby may south africa

Abby De Lange
Nutritional Therapist

Abby is based in South Africa, But also works internationally. She uses nutritional therapy, supplements, stress management, detoxification and lifestyle changes to restore proper function and maintain optimum health.




body detox drawing