How we became mad-crazy-inspired about life

Lauretta and Madelain are cut from the same cloth. Two siblings, separated by two continents. They have both experienced different paths only to find themselves on the same page, years later, with a passion to help and inspire others and a drive to enable others to live an optimised lifestyle, both inwardly and outwardly.

Little did they know, this path would lead them to be business partners from across the globe, living in synchronicity while each pursuing their individual life endeavours.

It is from these differences and similarities in experience that Madelain and Lauretta are able to offer their tailored tools to others, in helping them pursue a life they are mad-crazy inspired by.


South Africa

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Madelain is the other half of Mad About My Life. Her keen intuition and innate sense of self-knowing has been developed by intense life experiences which have led her to where she is today.

She passionately studies and continues to advance her understanding of human behaviour, which was partly inspired by her earlier experience as owner of Mad About Yoga, a private yoga practice that tailored multi-faceted programmes for a discerning clientele.

Mother to a young son, Madelain coaches internationally and enjoys being outdoors, shopping for and preparing food dishes and following her bliss.

United Kingdom

Hailing from South Africa and now based in Esher in the UK, Lauretta is the co-creator and partner of Mad About My Life.

Her fascination with psychology and human wellbeing lead her to pursue and gain a 1st degree in Psychology and Counselling at Roehampton University. She then went on to complete her Masters Degree in Occupational Psychology at Birbeck University in London. Added to her education, Lauretta is a qualified life coach and bereavement counsellor.

Lauretta’s passion in her field had created a drive to understand human behavior. She has dedicated her career to passing on her knowledge to individuals that have the desire and determination to improve their lifestyle and overall wellbeing.

When Lauretta isn’t working, shes fostering her creative side, experimenting with nutritious food, shaping her own contentment and a mother and bonus mother to her 6 children.